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First and foremost, I am a Daddy of two beautiful girls, Katelyn and Carrie Mathews.  At the end of the day, in everything I do, it is for their happiness and direction in life. Carrie loves DJing with Daddy in the living room and it makes my heart smile when she does.  They always want me to “get out the lasers and DJ” when they have friends come over.

My very first experience DJing was with DJ Steel at the “Studio” in Birmingham, AL in 1998.   I bought my first set of turntables when I was 20. Prior to then, I was engaged in creating remixes of songs using Acid Software. Soon after I bought them, I began doing small parties and club gigs.  In 2001, my remixes finally made it to radio on station 103.7, The Q as they were being played live from “The Industry”.

I moved to Gulf Shores in 2002.  I had the honor of partnering with Ozone and Ozone Entertainment. We first started DJing at Kokomo’s.  That same year, we acquired residency at Fat Tuesday’s.   Prior to Hurricane Ivan devastating Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, I at Kokomo’s, Fat Tuesdays, Piano Bar, Gulf Island Grill, and Pink Pony (Foley), all under direction of Ozone Entertainment.  This does not include the many “Rave Style” events at other venues.  While living in Gulf Shores, I was a guest DJ at “Troopers” in Mobile, AL on many occasions. We didn’t just play music, but rather provided all sound and dance lighting for all the venues we played. Mark (Ozone) not only had the biggest influence on my DJing, but taught me the art of production.   I hosted several weddings in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores but my primary focus was on the Club Scene.

Katelyn was born June 13, 2005 and everything started to change.  I began to shift my focus off the club scene and but more emphasis on weddings, private parties and corporate events.  Carrie was born July 2, 2007 in Birmingham, AL.  At this time, I am was more involved in weddings and private corporate events.

Since the birth of my two girls, I have focused on weddings and private events such as Mardi Gras, School Dances and Company Parties.  Although in 2013, I started DJing for Live Bait in Orange Beach and in 2014, the Hangout in Gulf Shores.  I occasionally do guest DJ shows at night clubs, but today my focus is on weddings and private events.

I bring a special element to every event I host.  Not only do I gave a God given talent for remixing music live, I bring a special element of production to each event. I like to bring the “nightclub” look to the special events when needed.  I love seeing the kids faces at proms when I turn on 7 lasers that beam across the room creating a “liquid sky” effect.  Or the look when someone first enters the venue just stands there and stares at the lighting because, chances are, they have never seen anything remotely close to it.  When someone leaving a wedding reception says, “you are the best DJ I have ever seen” or when the father of the bride comes up to me and says, “Thank you for giving my daughter the reception of her dreams”, makes me smile.  I have a huge passion for what I do and I love sharing that with people.  I have always said, “The day I start DJing for the money is the day I quit doing it”.  The problem I see today is that most people are in it for themselves.  DJing is not fun by myself.  I have to have you enjoy it for me to have any real satisfaction from it.



Diane Sudderth 10/6/15

It was a “blessing” getting to talk to you and getting to know you over the phone. You are “my” kind of people!! I feel a calling to persue my dream of becoming a wedding planner on the Gulf Coast. Like I said, I am ready to move down there and feel like God put you and Teresa in my life for a reason. I left Teresa a message that I was ready to meet with her anytime. I would absolutely love to meet you too! What should be my next step? I want to be associated with “the best,” like yourself, and would love in the process of doing what I love, help you in any way I can. Hopefully I will talk to Teresa soon to let her know how serious I am but don’t really know how to approach this. You really know this industry so could you please advise me on what to do. If I knew this opportunity was available, I would not start the hospital job on 10-19th and be making plans to move. Sorry this is so long. Talk to you soon and GOD bless you.
Diane Sudderth

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